Best (Low-Carb) Keto Coffee Creamers (2020 Review)

Keto Coffee Creamer

When making changes to a diet, some favorite culinary pass-times may be altered, or even culled completely from a regular routine. Some people can’t go a day without coffee and – of course – their favorite creamer. Switching to a ketogenic diet means dropping as many carbohydrates as possible, while supplying your diet with more fat content. Without the glucose from carbohydrates, bodies go into a state of ketosis, in which it is processing from fat reserves because it hasn’t had enough glucose to consume for energy.

While most regular coffee creamers and sweeteners may not be keto compliant, some companies are making keto-specific coffee creamers with extra fat content. We’ve looked at some of the top brands to see how they stack up against each other. Here are our findings:

ONNIT Emulsified MCT Oil Keto Creamer


Emulsified. When shopping for keto coffee creamers, shoppers will often see notices that inform users that they will have to blend or heavily mix the MCT oil. ONNIT emulsifies the MCT oil, so it can drop right into any drink.

3 flavors. This coffee creamer has three distinct – and tasty – flavor offerings: almond milk latte, creamy strawberry, and the classic, vanilla. Most competitors offer only one or two flavors.

Hot and cold. This product works just as well mixing quickly and smoothly into cold drinks as well, such as iced tea or cold brew. Perfect for those who like a cold dive into the day or fun afternoon drink.


Small bottle. Depending on how often user’s drink coffee and use this MCT oil, thesupply may run out faster than in some competitor’s case, just because the bottle is smaller than most. The per ounce price is a bit higher than normal for this reason.

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Still need to stir. While the effects can be negligible, some users may find that they need to stir their drinks a few times to keep the oil from separating from the rest of the drink. This will be true of most MCT oil products.

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